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The time has come.

There is nothing we need more of in our world today than NO WAR LOVE. From coast to coast, from nation to nation, from person to person. The bell has tolled. 

The message has been lingering behind political agendas for decades now. Made popular during a time of awakening, with a new vision for humanity and all life.

The time has come to resurrect that message and to change the world for those who are too young to know war, and those who deserve to never see it again. To start something that has true and lasting meaning for generations to come. That is our responsibility. That is our mission.

As the power of love becomes celebrated for its ability to evoke positive change, and war becomes the weakest and most destructive choice, we are here to usher in the NO WAR LOVE promise. We wear the message proudly. Because the dream is alive and we are alive, we can work together on this journey to achieve the best version of humanity. To leave this world a better place than we found it. To evolve.

Join us. Let’s transform the world.

Love is an action.

It's important to walk the talk. At NO WAR LOVE we are committed to doing what we can to help make the world a more peaceful place to live. For people. For animals. For all of us.

Peace has a price. That's why we pledge to devote 5% of our after-tax profits to causes that promote peace.

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No War Love

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